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Advocacy dates as far back as the Latin America civilization. Yes, it is that old. It has its roots in the Latin dialect which means “to call to” or to “defend”. Due to this meaning, many people have associated advocacy with the legal process as lawyers are mostly seen to defend and stand for and on behalf of others. That’s why lawyers are often known as advocates.

However, its about time advocacy went beyond the preserves of the court of law. We are of the thinking that the Latins may have been referring to social justice due to its prominence at the time of that civilization. Hereto, the Mexican Revolution was the first great socio-political upheaval that marked the start of a period that demaned for social justice and debates over its constitution and its subsequent implementation in the region.

In Africa, our very foundation is built upon social and political justice where many countries fought for their independence from colonial powers in the 20th Century. Over time, we have come to see the prominence of advocacy in the space of civil society who call for justice by addressing decision makers.

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